One Click Services Limited has developed the most revolutionary and comprehensive Brokerage software into the Kenya market and Africa in General. The system comprises of the below main modules:

  1. General Underwriting Modules
  2. Medical Underwritting Modules
  3. Claims System (Medical and General)
  4. Finance Management System
  5. Notification to client, underwritter and Broker: EMail, SMS and Whatsapp
  6. Document Management
  7. Various integrations with existing systems, ERPs and Banking
  8. Multicurrency Support
  9. Policy Management and renewals
  10. Numerous customizable Reports on each of the above.

Having compared the product to the offering of our competitors, we can confidently claim that none in the market comes closer to what we offer. Some of the features in the system include:-

  • Integrated Claims Tracking
  • User Rights and Security Controls and maker checker
  • Automated renewal notices via email and SMS
  • Multi Currency / Multi Company / Multi User
  • Web based system
  • Ticket based tracking and SLAs
  • User defined classes
  • User customizable templates for emails and SMS
  • User customizable reports
  • User customizable dashboard
  • Underwriter and Brokerage reconciliation
  • Unlimited number of reports
  • Different books of accounts
  • Progress Tracking on claims
  • Certificate management module
  • Medical Cards management module

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