Security Audit
* Threat Intelligence
* Incidence management
* Offensive security
* Threat Hunting
* Endpoint Security
* Penetration testing
Managed IT
Whether its day to day ICT operations, security monitoring and implementations. System and Network Monitoring. Hire the experts and sleep easy
Cloud Solutions
Would you want to host on the cloud? is it email or an application? Virtualize your environment. Azure, AWS, Google Apps etc. Come to us for seamless and easy transition.

Our Services

We are legendary when it comes to consulting. Our customers are our lifeline. We provide managed ICT solutions from security to connectivity, websites development, domain registration and hosting, remote working and VPNs, network segmentation, server configuration and management, connection to cloud providers. For all this and more, we have the expertise and certifications to prove it. We have established strategic partnerships to ensure our customers get only the very best.

Firewall Solutions

In the digital era, your data is your most valuable asset. Its security supercedes everything. Secure those you love, get a firewall. Sophos, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Sonicwall

Website Design

Be it small or large. Public, NGO or private organisation. Simple or complex website. There is nothing we cant handle. Let us setup your e-commerce.

Networking Solutions

do you need VPNs, Wide area network, VLANs or just setting up a simple office network? We talk computer language.

Our Partners

Some of our partners include


Cybersecurity evolved

Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks

How can we help your business?

Your business matters to you. It is our responsibility to make sure that what matters to you is well taken care of to ensure you continue reaping the benefits of our partnership. we are experts in Networks, ICT Security, Endpoint security, Connectivity solutions, Digital forensic investigations, Surveillance, Open source solutions, Web design and Cloud based solutions.