Premise Access Control

It’s too easy for keys to end up lost or in the wrong hands. And when you have a business requiring restricted entry points, controlling access becomes even harder. With the sophisticated electronics in today's access control systems, you have total control over who has access to your building.

Who has Access to the Premises
Anyone from visitors to employees, it’s important to control who accesses a secured space. We provide multiple ways for the intruder to prove identity before they are granted access. This is all controlled and programmed electronically to restrict or allow various levels of access.
What time periods they have access
Many businesses have employees who need access to buildings during non-standard hours such as managers and service techs. Scheduling system can be incorporated and makes it easy to designate when any individual or group is allowed entry.
Point of Entry
Access control systems enable you to determine which individuals are allowed to open specific points of entry into your business. This is especially critical in hazardous, high-security, engineering, IT, private, or other restricted areas. Some businesses also control employee or tenant entry to parking lots.
Authentication Methods
You can choose from different access credentials types to increase security and reasonableness. There are many options which include cards with a photo ID and or company logo, key fobs, and various biometric credentials (fingerprints, hand vein geometry, retinal scans, etc.).